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Hola! In case you see the items that you want to purchase in Out of Stock feel free to contact me and I can try to make these pieces for you. — Emy


Aotearoa Collection

The Aotearoa (New Zealand en Te Reo Maori) Collection is inspired by the unique diversity of plants. This collection was made slowly with a lot of love and captures the simplicity in Aotearoa of being one with nature. 

Joy Collection

This collection is about warding off the bad energy and celebrating the good. It’s dedicated to happiness, positivity, and love. The Joy Collection is a playful assortment of pieces aimed at overpowering negativity with a light-hearted approach. 

I Love Plants Collection

Enjoy this collection that represents the love that lots of us have for nature and gardening. What should we do when life gives us fruits? Eat them or wearing them out! 


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