The Journey

Hola, konnichiwa, kiaora and hello!

I'm Emy, the artist, designer, and founder of Eclo Art, and I have a rare and interesting mix of Japanese and Colombian roots, currently enjoying life in the beautiful land of New Zealand.

I design colourful and textured art and jewellery for people who are nature enthusiasts and love a pop of positive colour to celebrate their lives.

 Photo of Emy, the artist and designer of Eclo Art making her first ceramic jewellery collection


My art started when I discovered my passion for coloured clay in 2005 at intermediate school, thanks to my art teacher who pulled me in the classroom on my way to morning tea time, saying that I should frame this piece (image of the Tree). When I heard these words from him that it was at first very unreal, I took the leap to focus on making many more clay art pieces. Year by year my art was more detailed and that curiosity of how this would turn out became my passion and a way to contribute to society.


This is the first ever clay art piece I made when I was 15 years old. A tree with pink flowers sculpted just using my hands.


I got obsessed with clay because I loved to work with my hands, touching and moulding the clay and then using tools to add the clay to the board to make the shapes and textures I wanted.

In the last year (2022-2023) I have been discovering different alternatives to create more eco-friendly pieces like raffia and also clay like ceramics. 

In 2025 Eclo Art will be known as a brand that cares about the environment and one that makes people vibrant and more confident because people in our society deserve to feel better and look beautiful by wearing and decorating themselves with art.


Photo collage of the new ReNacer Ceramic Jewellery Collection made by Emy


''Women like you who wear our nature-inspired pieces could feel a sense of connection to the earth and to the natural world. You could feel empowered by the reminder of your own ability to create and nurture life and could take pride in wearing jewellery that represents your commitment to environmental sustainability and appreciation for the beauty of nature. 

And also for those who use our reusable greeting cards, these create togetherness by helping people to be more connected as you will be reminded both of the person who sent the card to you as well as the person who is receiving it from you.''

                                     - Emy Oikawa, Artist/ Founder/ Designer of Eclo Art


The Eclo Art reusable greeting cards shown in different designs and also how Emy is writing on one of them


– I started my clay art journey since 2005 at Intermediate School in Medellin, Colombia.

– I studied Industrial Design at San Buenaventura University in Medellin, Colombia.

– After moving to New Zealand, I took a course called ”Woven Jewelry with Natural Fibers” by a Colombian Jewellery Designer called Mercedes Salazar.

– At the end of 2022 I started a program called ”Laying the Foundation” with Flourish and Thrive Academy which has expanded my knowledge and skills, helping me stay competitive in my field, opened up new opportunities for personal and professional growth, and is leading me to improved problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.


A few Ceramic circle Necklaces made by Emy from the ReNacer Collection


If you’re interested in finding some unique and inspiring clay art and handmade jewellery, I highly suggest checking out our shop. We have a great selection that I think you’ll really enjoy.
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