Hola & welcome to Eclo Art ^_^

I'm passionate about learning and growing, so I'm constantly finding ways to improve my approach to a more sustainable way of living. Join me on this exciting journey as we strive to make a positive impact together!

  •  Good news! The shipping labels, "Thank you" stickers, shipping boxes, and shipping mailers are all eco-friendly. They are not only recyclable but also home compostable. I encourage you to consider reusing the shipping boxes and mailers once your order arrives. Let's join hands in reducing waste and making our planet a greener place! ^_^
  • I'm on a quest to explore different materials and alternatives instead of relying solely on plastic-based products for my art and jewellery creations. That's why I've recently introduced raffia, a fantastic paper and natural fibre option. And guess what? I've even started experimenting with dyeing it at home to achieve unique colours that I couldn't find in stores. For instance, I've been using turmeric powder to achieve a beautiful shade of yellow. It's all about getting creative and finding sustainable solutions together!
  • Introducing my incredible reusable greeting cards! Yes, you heard that right—these cards can be used three times or more! Let's join the movement of reusing cards and spreading beautiful art to even more people. Say goodbye to the dilemma of what to do with received cards. This product has been carefully crafted over the years, using 100% recycled paper and proudly designed and printed in Wellington, NZ. Inside the card, you'll find a frame to write your message on. Simply remove your previous message and continue using the card by writing on the next piece of paper. It even comes with six insert papers and a Kraft envelope made in Tawa, Wellington. Get ready to be amazed by the joy of sustainability and creativity! Also, I have designed a reusable envelope so go and check them out ^_^.
  • While not entirely eco-friendly, pottery offers advantages in terms of sustainability, and I aim to be transparent about its environmental implications as I have introduced Ceramic Clay into my jewellery and art creations. Pottery clay has its pros and cons in terms of environmental impact. On the negative side, clay sourcing and processing, as well as firing techniques, release heat, fumes, and gases into the atmosphere. Some glazes and oxides used in pottery can contain toxic ingredients. However, the positive aspects include the durability and reusability of pottery, which helps reduce the need for plastic usage in the long run. Additionally, pottery manufacturing generally has a lower environmental impact compared to processes like glass or plastics. 
  • Transform and refresh your space effortlessly with my downloadable prints, providing an easy and budget-friendly solution. As soon as you make a purchase, you'll have instant access to download your files, eliminating the need for delivery and allowing us to collectively reduce our carbon footprint.


When it comes to caring for the environment, shopping from small businesses is truly a fantastic choice! We have a smaller impact compared to large corporations, allowing us to make changes swiftly and effortlessly. And let's not forget, it's way more enjoyable too!

I'm constantly striving to enhance my practices, which is why I wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions. If you have any ideas or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to me through my contact form or simply DM me on Instagram. Your input is highly valued as we work together towards making a positive difference!

If you came this far, thank you for reading and being part of my journey.

Lots of love and joy!

Emy Oikawa

Eclo Art

Artist & Designer