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Kowhai Flower Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card

Kowhai Flower Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card

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Selecting the Kowhai Flower Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card enables you to make an environmental statement while embracing sustainable gifting. This eco-conscious card allows you to send love and care in an environmentally friendly way, providing a unique opportunity to nurture both your special connections and the planet. It's a sustainable choice that reduces waste and gives back to the environment. Celebrate nature with this artistic and impactful Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card.

Using them, you contribute to a greener planet and redefine how products are used, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come. Your experience will shift the way you approach gifting, knowing that these cards have a second life as blossoming flowers, transforming your message into a gift of life to the earth. You become part of a movement that reimagines the lifecycle of products, ensuring they return to the soil instead of ending up in a recycling bin. With this card, you reshape how you view the products you use, embarking on a journey toward an environmentally friendly future where products are not wasted but become gifts of life to the earth.

Each card contains:

  • A Kraft Envelope from Tawa, Wellington
  • A Plantable Flower Seed and Reusable Card, plus 6 insert sheets: which means that this card can be used 4 times, 3 times people will remove the insert sheet added in each inner side of the card and the last person will write the message directly on the card. 
  • A gift for you: Inside a heart-shaped paper, "Plant Me! I’m flower seed paper."
  • Inside the card, a simple 4-step description of how to use the card: 1. Write message in frame above. 2. Use top sheet when sending, leaving the rest. 3. To use, remove old message & write on a new insert. 4. When no inserts are left, write on the card. Remember: all insert sheets are seeded flower paper.
  • Seed blend: Spring/Summer Blend (Snapdragon, Ageratum & Brachyscome)
  • Instructions for planting the seed paper: Your card contains the gift of life!  Remove paper corners from card & place unfolded on fresh soil. Cover with more soil and water well, keeping the paper and soil moist until seeds begin to germinate.
  • Card Dimensions: Width: 11.5 cm, Height: 16.2 cm, Depth: 0.5 cm

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Emy Oikawa

Eclo Art Artist & Designer


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Customer Reviews

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Lydia Chan
Lovely card!

Wonderful artwork 🖼️ and I just love the idea of the plantable card! And it’s a Kowhai flower card which grows into other plants! This makes it even more awesome 😆