Eclo Art Product Reviews

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Great Greetings Card

I was looking for a Plantable Greeting Card for my sister's birthday and after much searching, I came across the eclo art site. Emy was incredibly helpful in helping me create a beautiful card for my sister. She was very responsive to my requests, creating a great design and was able to send the card in just enough time for her birthday.

My sister was very happy with her card so a big thank you to Emy for creating a fantastic gift.

Love these!

I love these earrings, so beautifully made and brightens up any outfit. They are super light which makes them comfy to wear too :)

Tui Bird A4 Print
Renee Sharp
A beautiful print made by a beautiful artist!

I met Emy by chance where she had a stall at a community event. I was captured visually by her pieces, but i was definitely sold by her heart as I learned and felt just how much love and care she puts into every piece she makes. I could really see that in her artwork. I bought this piece because it reminds me of another friend who puts so much love into everything they do. Thank you Emy for sharing with me.

These bags are great

I bought this for my daughter a couple of months ago as the bag she has been using for a few years is falling apart. She loves this one and has it with her every time I see her now. Looks lovely and is well made. The inside pockets are great for not losing keys too.

Lovely card!

Wonderful artwork 🖼️ and I just love the idea of the plantable card! And it’s a Kowhai flower card which grows into other plants! This makes it even more awesome 😆

Awesome Christmas card from my mum ✨

My mum bought this for me as Christmas card at the Brooklyn Twilight Festival. Love the Island Bay artwork. It makes me feel relaxed and peaceful 💙🌊

Love it 🌊🐋💙

I love the Ocean’s Symphony so much, and it’s even more special that it’s a plantable and reusable card (although I bought it for myself haha). I keep it in a frame on my work desk along with Emy’s other art prints, and It just gives me peace whenever I look at it. I’m hoping to try planting the seed paper soon!

Gorgeous necklace and beautiful piece of art

Really beautiful and delicate, I have had lots of compliments on this necklace

Ocean's Symphony

We have had a small piece of Emy's work in our home for several years.

I recently made the decision to commission a piece of Emy's work for my office - I am a co-owner of a boutique executive search firm, based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Both the process and the result have been superb. Emy is organised and clear regarding timeframes. More importantly, she actively listens and communicates. Emy visited our office to understand the context and 'tone' of our environment. She spoke with our staff. shared early concepts and sketches, and asked for (and responded to) feedback.

My colleagues and myself are delighted with the outcome, and we have had unsolicited, positive feedback from both clients and candidates, who have seen Ocean's Symphony.

Thank you so much Emy!

Beautiful set of three Maternity art cards

The idea of the reusable card (which is designed to be used multiple times) is incredible! And, the theme of Emy and Tayla’s collaborative art pieces made me and my partner so impressed. We decided to buy all of three as we felt each moments of becoming mother were meaningful and any of them couldn’t be lacked. Hope someone we will send it to (and more people) will love it too!

Wonderful idea of the Reusable card!

I love the idea of the card which is able to be reused again and again, and then multiple people can enjoy one card! I hope Emy’s beautiful art which is printed on the card will make more than two people happy, not only me and someone I will send it to!

Happy to meet this beautiful bag!!

When I met this lovely Colombian Wayuu bag, I just fell in love with it! Not only how beautiful it’s appearance is, but also the background story of the bag ( how special the bag is for wayuu people who are indigenous ethnic group in Colombia ) made me crushed!! The bag has some pockets inside, and enough room to put all my stuffs that I usually carry with me. The belt is wide enough, so I never get tired even if I put it on my shoulder for a long time. I’m so happy that I met this beautiful bag, and so excited to use it of course in NZ, also in Colombia someday when I travel there!

A beautiful picture to add to our home

I saw this print at the Porirua Love Local Expo and just had to buy it. Such an amazing study of a Tui, and all done in coloured clay! Emy's work really is stunning and unlike anything I've seen before. Even as a print it really looks like it's made with clay. I've had this hanging on my wall for a few weeks now and it brings me joy every day.

Kiwi Bird A4 Print
Tayla Fowler-Coutts
Little blue kiwi

I purchased this kiwi with the blue background for a birthday present for my mum and she absolutely loves it! It’s framed and hanging proudly on our living room for every one to see! Emy is such an amazing talented artist and it was very hard choosing which print to get!

Flower Studs
Radeenicha Tanyavikai

Uniquely cute pair of studs. Love them :)

The Pohutukawa Flower Polymer Clay Brooch
Beverley Little

Stunning work and love my brooch. thanks 💝

Lemon beauties

I love these very original earrings!
Every time I wear them I have compliments and questions about where I bought them 😅
I wear them in any circumstances but particularly for fancy events as I think they really add some peps and elegance to my outfit.
I was already a fan of Emy's clay art and I am really happy with this new raffia collection!


Thank you Emy for these beautiful, unique earrings! Every time I wear them I get compliments. Super light and very cute, can dress up or down. Can’t recommend these earrings or ecloart enough-when these were stolen, I was crushed. And even though they were out of stock online, I contacted Emy to see if she could make some new ones for me, and she did! Great customer service, so kind. My favorite!


Emy, your jewelry is beautiful. I really love this bright and fun ring. Gracias 😃

Wonderful idea and beautiful art

Such a good solution to the oversupply of greeting cards out there! Love the idea and the art is beautiful. Thank you so much!

Like in the old days, buy better

Loved the card. It made my day!
I'm currently living in Spain and my bff in France. I remember I once told her it would be amazing to have someone to write letters to, like in the old days. This week, while having a tough day at work, I had the best surprise ever when receiving this beautiful postcard.
Just find the concept so amazing and poetical: you get a message, remove the paper and reply using one of the remaining on the card... WOW!
I'm so excited to write back to my friend and making this postcard the thing that bond us from a distance.

Beautiful, easy to use and environmentally friendly

I could write as much as I wanted because it comes with lots of papers inside. I found it really fun! And the person who I sent it to replied me back with the same card, she was so happy. Now it is kind of our signature to write each other using this postal card. I recommend it!