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Stone Ripples

Stone Ripples

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This limited edition art pieces is a collaboration between Eclo Art and Alba Artisan Boutique Press. Originally ''Stone Ripples'' was a clay art piece that represented the beauty of the earthy shapes of nature. Tracey (from Alba Artisan) took a piece of it and became it an embossed piece which it is to raise or recessed relief image on a very beautiful and clean white paper with the purpose to include those who also have low vision to enjoy art by touching and feeling the texture with their hands. Here in the photo gallery you can see:

  • The full size embossed art piece.
  • The close up of the art piece
  • The press with male and female embossing polymerplates to put the paper in between and make the paper change its shape.
  • The foil stamped braille labels that are in the back of the art piece.

This Art piece comes with the glass on a natural wooden frame but the glass can be removed and displayed it without it so it will be open to be touched. My primary design focus for this piece is that is accessible for everyone and inviting the visually impaired community to enjoy this piece by touching it.

We were so happy to have been selected for the year 2021 Gold Award, and we thank the Pride In Print Awards judges for appreciating the level of process and care involved to bring this accessible artwork to life.

Art piece dimensions: 43.4 cm x 53.3 cm x 3.8 cm.

Limited stock available.

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