The Magic of Clay Art: A Chat with Anna Mollekin

The Magic of Clay Art: A Chat with Anna Mollekin

Hello, everyone! I'm Anna Mollekin, a New Zealand Contemporary Artist. Today, I want to take you on a fantastic journey into the world of "My Floral Sunshine," a wonderful clay artwork collaboration with the talented Emy Oikawa of Eclo Art. I recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Emy, the amazing clay artist behind this incredible project. Come with me as I share our inspiring conversation as a guest blogger and show you the wonderful art we've created. I am simply blown away by the magic of clay art.


 In this video I invite you to dive into the story behind the clay art piece 'My Floral Sunshine' as you watch Emy add each clay piece to the board until it's finished!



Anna Mollekin

New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin with her trusted art tools: the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.



My Floral Sunshine: A Journey into Clay Artwork Collaboration | Interview with Anna Mollekin x Emy Oikawa on The Eclo Art Podcast

Meet Anna Mollekin: A Quick Introduction

I'm Anna Mollekin, and I live in Hobsonville Point in Auckland with my husband and two lovely daughters. For a long time, I worked as a graphic designer, but something exciting happened during the lockdown in 2020. I decided to become a full-time artist! In March 2021, I even bought a business called "doodlewear," where I get to work with fantastic New Zealand artists and sell their artwork on cool clothes and homewares. It's been quite a journey, and it's taught me that being an artist can also be a successful career.

New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin

New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin holding her "My Sunshine" digitally hand-drawn art print


The Magic of Art: Anna's Special Way

I like to create art using ink pens for intricate designs and then redraw them carefully on a computer using Adobe Illustrator. But for my floral art, I've discovered a whole new world using an iPad and a special pen called an Apple Pencil with a program called Adobe Fresco. It's like magic! I draw each part of my floral art one piece at a time, and it can take a long time, but I love every moment of it. Nature is my inspiration, and I take lots of pictures of flowers and birds whenever I'm outside to use as references for my art.


Pink Manuka Flowers

A photograph of Manuka flowers that Anna took to use as a reference in this artwork.


Nature's Beauty: What Makes Anna's Art Shine

My art is all about celebrating the beauty of nature and capturing special moments. When I take pictures of flowers, it's often in special places or during important occasions. These pictures are like my diary, preserving those moments forever in my artwork. I believe that even though flowers don't last forever, through art, we can keep those special memories alive.


New Zealand Yellow Kowhai Flowers

 A photograph of Kowhai flowers that Anna took to use as a reference in this artwork.


Discovering Digital Art: Anna's Artistic Journey

My journey into digital art happened naturally. I've always loved being creative, from my school days in art class to painting and making crafts. When I worked as a graphic designer during the day, art became my way to express myself freely. I taught myself how to create digital art using new technologies like the iPad and Adobe Fresco, which didn't exist when I was in school.


Collaboration My Floral Sunshine Clay Artwork

'My Floral Sunshine' Collaboration: Clay Art by Clay Artist Emy Oikawa and New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.



Finding Inspiration: Anna's Creative Heroes

My biggest inspirations are the beautiful nature of New Zealand, my family, and my homeland. I have a special place in my heart for the Coromandel Peninsula, a magical part of New Zealand. I also fell in love with pop art when I studied art history in school, with its bold lines and vibrant colours. Nature sculptor Andy Goldsworthy also inspired me with his incredible sculptures made from nature's own materials.


Collaboration: Clay Art by Clay Artist Emy Oikawa and New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

Emy Oikawa holding 'My Floral Sunshine,' a clay art collaboration between clay artist Emy Oikawa and New Zealand contemporary artist Anna Mollekin.


A Magical Clay Art Collaboration: Anna and Emy's Art Adventure

I wanted to collaborate with Emy because her clay art is so unique and colourful. It felt like a perfect match for my style. Collaborations are like magic because when two artists come together, they create something entirely new and exciting. It's not just about the art; it's about the joy of working with other artists who share the same passion.


Anna Mollekin with her daughter Anna Mollekin with her daughters, Halle (left) and Mia (right).

The Inspiration Behind "My Sunshine"

"My Sunshine" was digitally hand drawn in February 2022 from reference photos I took on my travels. I love to photograph and then draw flowers to record special moments like a visual diary. 'My Sunshine' was inspired by my daughter Mia. I sang 'You Are My Sunshine' to her every night before she went to bed. She has now blossomed into a gorgeous young woman who is bright, fun, joyous, compassionate, strong, and inspirational. I tried to encapsulate this emotion in the artwork.
As we finish our artistic conversation, I invite you to explore our "My Floral Sunshine" clay art collaboration between Emy and me, available for sale in shop.



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