Sow the Seeds of Connection: Our Journey with the Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards

Sow the Seeds of Connection: Our Journey with the Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards

Hola! I'm Emy, the creative mind behind Eclo Art, and today, I'm so excited to take you on our journey creating the Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards. These aren't just cards to me; they're a testament to the fusion of my artistry, a commitment to sustainability, and the innate beauty of nature.

Picture this: delicate clay art, meticulously crafted by my hands. Each card is a canvas that captures the essence of nature and a piece of plantable heart shaped paper that resonates with the eco-conscious product design. As you run your fingers over the rich textures of the paper, you're not just touching a card; you're touching the promise of life.


New Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card up on the Eclo Art Website

What sets these cards apart is their journey beyond the initial exchange. Once your heartfelt message is received, the card takes on a new purpose—it becomes a gift that keeps on giving. Embedded with flower seeds, these cards transform into a bundle of life when planted. Witness the magic unfold as these seeds germinate and bloom into a vibrant array of blossoms, creating a living memory of your thoughtful gesture.


A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Beyond the visual and tactile attraction, these cards carry an environmental consciousness. Crafted from recycled paper, these cards embody my commitment to reducing waste and minimizing our ecological footprint. From the choice of materials to the intentional design, every aspect reflects my dedication to sustainable living.

But it doesn't stop there. Our Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards hold a unique interactive feature. The back of each card encourages you to trace its travels—where it's been, the cities it has visited. This adds a layer of shared experiences, connecting people globally through the tangible threads of a single card.


Trace its travels on the Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card

As you explore the diverse designs, each featuring a distinct clay art piece, consider the deeper impact. Your choice to embrace these cards transcends a mere transaction; it becomes a conscious contribution to a greener world. It's a small yet significant step towards redefining the lifecycle of products, a poem to the Earth that nurtures us.

Featuring 8 clay Art Pieces on the Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards

From left to right these are the plantable and reusable cards that are in the new collection: Kowhai Flower card, Kereru Bird card, Ruru Bird card, Ocean's Symphony card, Island Bay Wellington card, Eurasian Black Bird card, Tui Bird card and The Pohutukawa Flower card. 


Behind the scenes, the magic is further amplified by Charlotte from Swartko, the talented paper artist based in Kalangadoo, Australia. Her dedication to crafting beautiful stationery aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Eclo Art. Together, we weave a narrative of sustainable artistry that goes beyond borders.


How Do Paper and Clay Artists Merge Their Craft?|Charlotte McKersie & Emy Oikawa. Bringing the Plantable & Reusable Greeting Cards to Life. Interview up at The Eclo Art Podcast.


In essence, these Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards are more than just a product; they're a message of love from me to the world. With every purchase, you're not just acquiring a card; you're participating in my journey towards a better, more sustainable future.

Emy holding the Ocean's Symphony Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card

As I conclude this exploration, I invite you to dive into the captivating world of Eclo Art's Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards. Each card is a seed of change, a celebration of life and love, and an embodiment of the philosophy that our choices matter.

Ready to embark on this eco-friendly adventure? Discover the Plantable and Reusable Greeting Cards collection, and let's spread love while making a positive impact—one Plantable and Reusable Greeting Card at a time. 🌎💚


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