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Paua Shell – Reusable Greeting Card

$6.50 (NZD)


This is the Paua Shell which is the Maori name for the Abalone Shell as Americans and Australians call them.

”To Māori, pāua are recognised taonga, or treasure, esteemed both as kaimoana (seafood) and as a valued resource for traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. Pāua are frequently used to represent the eyes in Māori carvings and traditionally are associated with the stars or whetū, the symbolic eyes of ancestors that gaze down from the night sky.” – Wikipedia

– This is the image of a clay art piece made by Emy Oikawa.
– This card is manufactured using certified 100% recycled paper and is proudly designed and printed in Wellington NZ
– Inside the card is a ‘frame’ you can write your message on. if you’re lucky enough to receive one of these cards, all you need to do is remove your message and slot a piece of paper in for a message for the next person.
Also, it comes with a C6 (11.3 cm x 16.2 cm) size Kraft envelope made here too.


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