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Colourful Kiwi Bird Necklace

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This kiwi bird necklace is the representation of the beauty and the importance that it has for the New Zealand nature.
This necklace has an adjustable wax string and is very easy and fast to wear.

APPROX. DIMENSIONS: 34mm X 27mm (only the pendant), Maximum length of the string is 74cm (that goes around the neck).
MATERIALS: Polymer clay, Wax String.

Made to Order.

We really appreciate your patience and endeavour to ship your necklace.

NOTE: If you need these in a hurry, please send me a message before purchasing to avoid disappointment. These are handmade in Wellington, New Zealand making each piece unique. Colour, size and shape may vary slightly, and hand-forming marks will be present.

Apteryx mantelli / New Zealand Kiwi bird:

The Kiwi bird is a very important icon for the New Zealand culture because of its uniqueness and the value or its natural heritage. It is a flightless bird and there are five recognised species which four of them are in a very vulnerable place almost in extinction. This bird is also known internationally as laying large eggs, have short and stout legs and the ability to detect prey before they have seen it using their nostrils at the end of their long beak.


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