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Address Labels & Envelope Sealing Sticker Refill


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Do you need a few more Fully Reciclable Adress Labels and Easy does it! envelope sealing stickers?

You are in the right place ^_^. Here you can buy the labels separate to the card and envelope if you wish.

They are for you to refill the Eclo Art envelopes and card or any other envelope you have in hand for them to be used over and over again.

It is hard for me to throw any envelope and card away after being single-used. So I have created this to feel that I’m reducing my carbon footprint and anyone else’s.

Lets start using the envelopes over and over again until their life is done, then you can fully recicle and even compost the sticky side of the label at home. Just remove them from the envelope and cut them in little pieces before you put them in your home compost.

You will find:

6 Fully Reciclable Adress Labels and 6 Easy does it! envelope sealing stickers.


12 Fully Reciclable Adress Labels and 12 Easy does it! envelope sealing stickers.

They are printed with vibrant, soy-based inks, the Paper Stickers are great to seal and give the envelope a new look and new use, a new life.

These Stickers are made from FSC-certified, acid-free (made from cellulose fiber, meaning the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing), lignin and sulfur-free pulp (meaning ink won’t transfer from stickers and paper won’t leave chemicals when decomposing), so that they compost without leaving any residue behind. The release liner is curb-side recyclable after fulfilling its purpose.

If you think this labels and stickers will make the envelope’s life longer then click ADD TO CART to join the movement to a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.



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